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Soto Zen Temples for Foreigners in Japan

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1-1, Teramachi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki-ken 850-0872

phone: +81(0)95-823-7211 fax: +81(0)95-823-7212
* Please inquire by email or fax.

Kotaiji Details
Resident PriestRev. Daijo Ota
AccessAir: Limousine bus from Nagasaki Airport to Shinchi bus stop. 10 mins by taxi.
Train 1: Nagasaki Electric Tramway (Nagasaki kidou dentetsu) tram from JR Nagasaki station. Alight at Kokaido tram stop. 10 mins walk. Or, alight at Shianbashi tram stop. 5 mins walk.
Train 2: 10 mins by taxi from JR Nagasaki station.
Language(s)English, German (very limited)
Meditation day Details
Meditation daySaturday
Time7:00pm-8:00pm (usual); newcomers: 6:00pm-8:00pm (includes explanation)
InstructorResident priest, others
Meditation lecture dates Details
Meditation lecture datesDec 1-8, Feb 1-8
OtherPlease inquire.
Lecture Details
Sermon dayVariable
ContentShobogenzo, Shuten
LecturerResident priest
OtherPlease inquire
Accommodation (no. of beds)3
Accommodation fee (per night)¥2,000
  • Only for those participating specially in meditation during the intensive meditation term. Up to 1 week. (Men only, due to facility limitations.)
  • Basically we are a specialized temple, meaning that there are rules to be followed from waking to retiring regarding food and the like. In other words, one's daily actions should be appropriate to those of a practitioner of Zen meditation. Breakfast, in keeping with one's calling, is rice gruel. Lunch and dinner are usually kept as close to the typical diet of the people, although certain meals, containing seafood, etc. may be provided by parishioners.