February, 2005 NUMBER 15

On Being Appointed Director of the Soto Zen Buddhism Europe Office
Rev. Genshu Imamura,
Director of the Soto Zen Buddhism Europe Office

Celebrating 100 Years of Soto Zen Buddhism in South America
By Rev. Dokyu Lesniewier,
Soto Zen priest at Anrakuji, Templo Serena Alegria in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sesshin in Peru
By Zully Garcia

Reflections on the 2004 Dendokyoshi Kenshusho at Zuioji
By Rev. Kairyû Thomas Quitschau
Head Administrator of the German Zen Association

Impressions of the 2004 Dendokyoshi Kenshusho
Rev. Honshu Meiya Wender
Green Gulch Farm, Muir Beach, California, U.S.A.

My Zazen Notebook (14)
Rev. Issho Fujita
Pioneer Valley Zendo

The 28th Chapter of
Shobogenzo: Bodaisatta-Shishobo
The Bodhisattva’s Four Embracing Actions
Lecture (4)
Shohaku Okumura
Director, Soto Zen Buddhism International Center
(edited by Rev. Zenshin Bradley)

Treasury of the Eye of the True Dharma
Book 36
The Arhat Arakan
Translated by Stanley Weinstein

JIZOS for PEACE: An International Project of Remembrance
Jan Chozen Bays,
Great Vow Zen Monastery, Clatskanie, Oregon.


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