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Great Vow Zen Monastery-Daiganji

Great Vow Zen Monastery began in April 2002, when the Zen Community of Oregon decided to purchase the Quincy-Mayger Elementary school in Clatskanie, OR to manifest its vision of creating a full-time, residential, training monastery. Chozen and Hogen Bays, along with 10 students, moved from Larch Mountain in Corbett, OR to Clatskanie and began the transformation. Previously ZCO had owned two properties (roughly 8 acres) on Larch Mountain along the Columbia Gorge and had been using them as a residential training center. Land use laws prevented ZCO from using the Larch Mt. property for retreats.
The elementary school was built in 1971, and rests on a sloping 20 acres of land. The land includes a large parking lot, several fields and meadows, a small stream, and woods. The property had been an active and much loved elementary school for over 30 years. In 1997 the school closed due to lack of students and funds, and the school sat empty for 5 years, but for a caretaker. When the Bays and residents arrived at the old school they found it full of school supplies, kitchen supplies, and furniture.
School items not of use to the monastery were packed by the residents and taken away by the school district. Next came the unpacking and organizing. Systems of flow had to be set up for the kitchen, housekeeping, etc. The zendo was cleaned and painted by the combined effort of ZCO and Dharma Rain Zen Center sanghas. All the while, three meals were cooked daily, the meditation schedule was upheld, and a Sunday program was begun.

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General information

Temple/ Zen Center/ Dojo Name
Great Vow Zen Monastery-Daiganji
Rev.Chozen Bays
PO Box 188 Clatskanie, Oregon, 97016
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[by car] one hour from Portland airport
Max persons 60+

Regular practice

 [Zazen(meditation) / Service]

4:30 – 6:30 am five days per week
7pm~9 pm five days per week

 [Sesshin (retreat)]

6 days per month
$250 USD

For beginners

Please inquire by email or phone in advance.