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SOTOZEN-NET > Soto Zen Temples > Organization and Temples Outside Japan > France > Centre Européen du Bouddhisme Soto Zen

Centre Européen du Bouddhisme Soto Zen

Centre Européen du Bouddhisme Soto Zen Details

Address: 277 Rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine, 75011, Paris, FRANCE
Phone: 33-1-4633-7738
Fax: 33-1-4633-6004
URL: www.sotozen.eu / E-mail: info@sotozen.eu
  • Director
  • Rev. Yusho Sasaki
  • Administrative Secretary
  • Rev. Shohaku Yoshimatsu
  • Responsible for General Affairs
  • Rev. Taibun Terumoto
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Soto Zen Buddhism Europe Office

This Europe Office is the institutional representative of Japanese Sōtō Zen Buddhism in Europe: its main function is to assist priests who are devoting themselves to the mission of spreading the Sōtō Zen teachings here in Europe.

Presently there are around 300 facilities in Europe like temples, centers and dojo inspired by Sōtō Zen teachings, many of them connected directly with Sōtō Zen institution, and more than 300 priests registered as Sōtō Zen clerics.

This Europe Office has administrative functions and performs various activities to promote exchanges between Europe and Japan, as for example:

  • registering priests as Sōtō Zen clerics
  • registering temples as official Sōtō Zen facility
  • organizing seminars on Sōtō Zen Buddhism
  • having regular conferences with local responsible
  • compiling and distributing teaching materials
  • organizing lectures and dharma talks.

Sōtō Zen Buddhism Europe Office was first established in France forty years ago, then reestablished in June, 2002 in Milan, Italy. Since 2006 the office has been moved to Paris, France.

Outside view of the office

Outside view of the office