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Soto Zen Buddhism Hawaii Office

Soto Zen Buddhism Hawaii Office Details

Address: 1708 Nuuanu Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96817 U.S.A.
Phone & Fax: 1-808-538-6429
Mail: info@sotozenhi.org
  • Director
  • Rev. Shugen Komagata
  • Assistant Directer
  • Rev. Shuji Komagata
  • Adminidtrative Secretary
  • Rev. Shinryu Hoshino
  • Rev. Shinsho Hata
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Soto Zen Buddhism Hawaii Office

Soto Zen Buddhism Hawaii Office also known as the Bishop Office, is based at the Soto Mission of Hawaii, Shoboji, located next to the Consulate General of Japan, in a central area of Honolulu. Amidst many changes, a total of nine Soto Zen temples and one Zendo serve its members.

The nine temples and one zendo are as follows: Shoboji , Aiea Taiheiji, Waipahu Taiyoji, Wahiawa Ryusenji, Kauai Zenshuji, Maui Mantokuji, Molokai Guzeiji, Hilo Taishoji, Kona Daifukuji and 'Alaneo Zendo.

To date, there have been seven Sokans, who also have served as the head priest at Soto Shu Hawaii Betsuin: Rev. Hosen Isobe (1918 - 1922), Rev. Zenkyo Komagata (1938 - 1970), Rev. Zenshu Komagata (1972 - 1975), Rev. Koryu Oyama (1975 - 1981), Rev. Gyokuei Matsuura (1981 - 1997), Rev. Jiho Machida (1997 - 2008).

Since 2008, the seventh current director, Rev. Shugen Komagata has been serving as the resident priest at the Soto Mission of Hawaii, Shoboji the Soto Zen Buddhism Hawaii Office (Bishop Office).
Under Rev. Komagata, 'Alaneo Zendo was founded on the Big Island of Hawaii. Also in recent years, several temples successfully celebrated their own respective anniversary. It is still fresh in our memory that Soto Zen School has taken a strong step toward the future.

Currently, the average age of Hawaii's core members is 75-80 years old. There is a sense of urgency in coming up with plans and strategies to add active members of all ages and ethnicities. It is unknown whether or not the next generation will embrace Buddhism (Soto Zen School) since the transition from “the religion of the household” to “the religion of individual” has not fully taken place among Hawaii's Buddhist population. It is imperative that our propagation efforts must be focused on making Buddhism more relevant and familiar to our youth. To achieve this end, Hawaii-born Buddhist priests, who speak the same language and understand the local customs, traditions and lifestyle, are urgently needed. Soto Zen Buddhism Hawaii Office has the duty of producing such priests in order to meet the needs of Hawaii's multi-ethnic population.

Dogen Zenji left Japan and studied in China to further his understanding of Buddhism. Upon his return to Japan, he opened a monastery and trained the next generation of Zen teachers without having to send them to China. The same holds true in Hawaii. By producing our own priests who understand the local tradition and lifestyle, we will be able to establish a Soto Zen School rooted in Hawaii. Soto Zen Buddhism Hawaii Office maintaining close communication with each priest and his/her temple, will continue to make efforts to be the type of institution that brings its members peace.

(Translation by Michael Nakade)

Soto Zen Buddhism Hawaii Office

Soto Zen Buddhism Hawaii Office
(Soto Mission of Hawaii, Shoboji).