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Waipahu Soto Zen Temple Taiyoji

With history of over 100 years, currently the temple serves as a place not only for rituals but a place where the community gathers for many activities which include Zen meditation, yoga, Buddhist study session and also promotes Japanese culture like calligraphy and Sumi-e, a calligraphy painting class. The tradition of Japanese culture is what makes many young Buddhist come by, as a way to find their past, future, and their identity. With much collaboration between the Japanese culture, Hawaiian culture, and American culture, we have Buddhism that is unique to our own tradition. This is something that you many not find in other places around the world.

During the Bon season in July and August, the temple hosts a Bon Dance with live taiko performance on the yagura, and many join the excitement of dancing to the rhythm. This is where not only members of Taiyoji come but the whole community joins the festival to enjoy the Japanese cultural tradition that the immigrants from Japan have brought with them. This is where we can all appreciate ministers and our ancestors who have struggled to protect the Japanese cultural tradition in Hawaii.

General information

Temple/ Zen Center/ Dojo Name
Waipahu Soto Zen Temple Taiyoji
Rev. Ryokei Ishii
94-413 Waipahu St. Waipahu, HI 96797
Tel/ Fax
(808) 671-3103/(808) 676-7617
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〔by Car〕 20 minuties by car from Honolulu International Airport on H-1Freeway West
English/ Japanese

Regular practice

 [Zazen(meditation) / Service]

Morning Service 6 am Zazen 6 am~7am every Saturday



For beginners

Please inquire by phone or fax in advance