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Soto Mission of Hawaii Shoboji

There are 9 Soto Zen temples in Hawaii; Soto Mission of Hawaii Shoboji is located on the island of Oahu, in the city of Honolulu. The temple was originally located on Hall Street at the beginning in 1913. However it was moved to the corner of Nuuanu at School St. where the Japanese style temple was built and dedicated in 1921. Currently the temple is located near the Japanese Consulate with an architectural structure that comes from India, inspired by the temple at Bodhgaya where Shakyamuni Buddha is said to have attained Enlightenment.

Our temple members and the public have the chance to experience many Japanese cultural classes like Shamisen, Bon Dance, Folk Song, Tea Ceremony, Koto, Sanshin, Kyudo, Japanese Drum, and other various Japanese cultural activities. In addition, we offer Ukulele class that is unique to Hawaiian culture. We also conduct Sunday service, Kannon Bodhisattva service, Kannon-Jizo Junpai (Pilgrimage), Zen meditation, and many more throughout the year. Not only do we serve as a temple, but we also have a strong educational system, offering the community Soto Academy a private school that runs from kindergarten to sixth Grade, and after school class that is familiar in Japan known as Kumon, teaching, Math and Reading.

The famous Nu’uanu Pali (Pali means “valley” in Hawaiian), where King Kamehameha I is said to have unified the Hawaiian Islands after the battle, is located just a few miles from our temple. The cool breeze from the valley can be felt while we practice Zen meditation, and your meditation will sure be a unique experience here at Soto Mission of Hawaii Shoboji.

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General information

Temple/ Zen Center/ Dojo Name
Soto Mission of Hawaii Shoboji
Person Responsible
Rev. Shugen Komagata
1708 Nuuanu Ave Honolulu, Hawaii 96817 USA
Tel/ Fax
1-808-537-9409 / 1-808-537-6320
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〔by Bus〕Bus #4. 1 min. walk from nearest bus stop on Nuuanu Ave.
〔by Car〕 10 min. by car from Honolulu International Airport
English/ Japanese

Regular practice

 [Zazen(meditation) / Service]

[Morning Session]
Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6:30 - 7:30 am
[Evening Session]
Second Wednesday 7:00 - 8:30 pm

 [Sesshin (retreat)]

In December (6days) For detail please contact

For beginners

Please inquire by email or phone in advance.