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SOTOZEN-NET > Bibliotheque > Glossaire (Anglais) > Verse of Bathing Buddha (No. 2)

Glossaire (Anglais)


Verse of Bathing Buddha (No. 2) (Yokubutsu ge 浴佛偈)

We now bathe the various tathagatas;
their pure wisdom is adorned with an aggregate of merit.
The five impurities of living beings are rendered free from pollution;
together we bear witness to the pure dharma body of the Tathagata.
gakon kan boku shonyo rai 我今灌沐諸如來
jōchi sho gon kudokuju 淨智莊嚴功徳聚
gojoku shujō rei riku 五濁衆生令離垢
do sho nyorai jo hos-shin 同證如來淨法身