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Glossar (Englisch)


repentance (sange 懺悔)

San 懺 means to "regret," "feel remorse," "repent," or "confess sins." Ge 悔 means to "have remorse," "regret," or "repent," but it can also mean something that one regrets, that is, a "mistake," "error," or "crime." Thus, sange can be glossed either as two verb compound meaning "to repent" or as verb object compound meaning "to repent errors." The East Asian Buddhist tradition of which Zen is a part employs a variety of repentance procedures (senbō 懺法), ranging from the simple recitation of a Verse of Repentance to prolonged, complex sequences involving the invocation of buddhas and bodhisattvas, offerings, purification, and confession. →"Verse of Repentance," "rite of repentance."