We have a Zen term glossary, comics and short zen stories, sermons from reverands from around the world from you to read and enjoy.

Short Zen Stories

This is a collection of fun and educating short Zen stories, that have been passed on from generation to generation.

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Comics for the young and old of the lives of "Dogen Zenji", "Shakyamuni Buddha", "Keizan Zenji", "Bodhidharma".

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A collection of sermons from previous years have been put in this section. Please feel free to browse though.

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Telephone of the Heart

  1. From Happiness to Nirvana
  2. Relishing Impermanence
  3. Restart
  4. Have a stick before falling down
  5. Fear of the Tip of My Nose
  6. Rejoining Hands

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Basic Key Terms of Soto Zen Teaching

Here we will be offering Basic Key Terms of Soto Zen Teaching as a help for those who want to obtain this kind of background knowledge and ideas. We have selected twenty-four of the most basic key terms which we hope will show us unique aspects of the Soto Zen teaching

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Shobogenzo Zuimonki

Shobogenzo Zuimonki consists of the dharma talks of Eihei Dogen Zenji (1200 - 1253) who transmitted Soto Zen from China to Japan. These talks were originally recorded by Koun Ejo Zenji, Dogen's dharma successor, and probably edited by his disciples after Ejo's death.

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This is the glossary appended to the "Standard Observances of the Soto Zen School", it contains many translations, and meanings of words commonly use in daily practice.

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Soto Zen Journal

Soto Zen Buddhism International Center publishs semi-annually newsletter "Dharma Eye." It is available in PDF format.

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