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Soto Zen Journal

Soto Zen Buddhism International Center publishs semi-annually newsletter "Dharma Eye." It is available in PDF format.

Current Number

No.45 (March, 2020)


Regarding the 60th Anniversary of Ryodaihonzan Betsuin
Busshinji and the Soto Zen Buddhism South America Office p1

Dosho Saikawa

How to Live Here and Now -The Connection With a 1.5 Personal Pronoun p3
Sensho Watanabe

The Sotoshu Understanding of Zazen:
Learning About the Fukan zazengi (5) p10

Kenshu Sugawara

Lecture on the Chapter of Kannon (Avalokiteshvra) p14
Shohaku Okumura

Deportment of the Practicing Buddha (Gyobutsu iigi) p27
Carl Bielefeldt

My footnotes on Zazen (18) p42
Issho Fujita

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