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Soto Zen Journal

Soto Zen Buddhism International Center publishs semi-annually newsletter "Dharma Eye." It is available in PDF format.

Current Number

No.41 (March, 2018)


Upon the Publication of the English Translation of the “Denkoroku” p1
Teppu Otani

The Project of Establishing an Officially Recognized Training Monastery
Together with the Construction of Tenpyozan Bodaishinji p3

Gengo Akiba

About the World Buddhist Conference and World Buddhist Youth
Conference in Japan p6

Hakuga Murayama

  • International Buddhist Youth Exchange 2013
  • local relief work in Nepal

The Sotoshu Understanding of Zazen:
Learning About the Fukan zazengi (1) p9

Kenshu Sugawara

Lecture on the Chapter of Shobogenzo Ikka-myoju p16
Shohaku Okumura

Bringing Forth the Mind of Bodhi (Maka hannya haramitsu) p28
Soto Zen Text Project

My footnotes on Zazen (14) p35
Issho Fujita

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